Thank you for providing a reference to us, regarding your applicant for the Palo Verde Ridge Scholarship.  We have a difficult task, to select the best candidates for funding -- there are many applicants, but we have only a few scholarships that we can fund and award.  We want to make sure that we are spending our money wisely, to create the most benefit.  We appreciate your specific and unique insights into the character, personal capabilities and potential of your applicant, so that we can complete the challenging selection process.
Information you provide to us is considered a "confidential recommendation."  This information will not be disclosed to third parties, or to the applicant.  Please be frank and candid in your recommendation, so that we may benefit from your true observations.
Before you begin, we strongly recommend that you review the questions below, and gather all required information (including making a .pdf file of your recommendation letter).  Once you have clicked on "Submit" you will not be able to return, edit, change or review any items that you have entered.
We very much appreciate you taking the time to complete this reference and recommendation.  On behalf of our Board Members and the applicants, let us say "Thank You!"

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