Wake Christian Academy Aftercare Registration

Safe and Secure 
Our Purpose:
Provide affordable,
professional care for
WCA school-age students

Elementary School:

Please complete the registration form. You will be receive a Homework/Pick-Up Authorization Form for grades K-5th which must be completed and returned to the After School Care Supervisor.

Middle School and High School:

Please complete the online registration form. You will receive a WCA After School Care Policies and Procedures Contract which you and your student will be asked to review and sign.

Please return the signed contract to the After School Care Supervisor.

If you have any questions regarding policy, please refer to the Parent Student Handbook in the Introduction & General Information, Section II, B, 1-6.

Director of Aftercare: Larry Hoxie  larryhoxie@wakechristianacademy.com 

School Sponsored Activities (ex. Athletic games/practices, play practice, Fine Arts practice)*:

--  There will be no charge for siblings of the participating student
--  No charge for participating student
--  Non-participating student(s) who are carpooling with the participating student must report to aftercare and will be charged
--  When the extra-curricular activity is finished or if it is cancelled and the participating student cannot be picked up immediately, he/she and those riding with him must report to aftercare. The student participating in the extra-curricular activity and sibling(s) are not charged, but those riding will be charged.

*Off season athletic workouts are not included 

Non-School Sponsored Activities (ex. Tutoring, private lessons, attending games):

--  If the activity is not scheduled to begin by 3:30 pm or the activity ends and the student is not immediately picked up by parent\guardian, that student must report to aftercare and normal rates will be charged.
-- All riders, and siblings, must report to aftercare and will be charged at the normal rate.

A few points on policy:

-- Change of clothes for after school must meet the WCA dress code guidelines. Students will be asked to change back into school dress if it does not
--  Students need to bring everything with them to the aftercare room

Aftercare Locations, Hours and Charges

Kindergarten—5th grade - report to the primary cafeteria immediately after they leave their class.
Middle School/High School students - report to the C-13 in the elementary building.

Check-In is 3:15 pm to 3:30 pm
Aftercare hours are from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday

In the event of early school closings or early dismissal due to inclement weather there is NO AFTERCARE

Yearly: $1500.00 must be elected by August 31st.
Monthly: $180.00 (August - May)
Daily: $17.00 per day