Wake Christian Academy Student Driving and Parking

Driving to school at Wake Christian Academy & parking on campus are privileges and not rights!
The guidelines below must be followed for the safety of our school family.
Violations of these rules will result in the temporary loss of driving and parking privileges.
The length of the loss will depend upon the nature of the infraction.
1. All posted speed limit, traffic signs, and lane markings must be obeyed.
2. Extreme caution is to be used at all times. Watch for children.
3. The directions of the staff on duty must be followed.
4. Reckless driving is not allowed at any time on school property
or any of the adjoining roads including the entrance to US401.
5. Cars are to be parked in properly designated spaces on the campus.
Students may not park on Wake Academy Drive during school hours.
 Parking Locations:
  • Seniors Main parking lot; first come, first serve basis
  • Seniors/All other student drivers Student parking lot on Buffaloe/Pierce Dr.
6. Students are to park and exit their cars upon arrival.
7. Students are not to return to the parking lot without permission from the office or until dismissal time.
8. Students are not allowed to sit in cars before or after school, during lunch, during the
school day, or at any school function.
9. Once a student has arrived at school, he is not to leave the school grounds,
take another student off campus, or loan his car to another student.
10. He may not transport another student in his vehicle without permission from all parents
involved and the school administration.
11. No music may be heard outside the vehicle.
12. The school parking decal must be clearly displayed at all times when the vehicle is on
Driving guidlines apply at all times, including all school activities and athletic events.


Primary Driver