THE V.I.P. - Value Identification Process®

Begin or continue your journey towards a more authentic journey and personal mastery through the Value Identification Process™.

The Value Identification Process® improves the human condition. The more we understand ourselves, the better prepared we are to succeed professionally and develop personally. Identifying, defining and executing on our core values is a cornerstone of this process. CORE VALUE: The filter we use to make decisions, process information, act and our preferred way of being. Often times our core values are given to us when we’re young by the adults in our lives and society. This often causes confusion later on in life when are triggered, find ourselves lost on the journey or unsure of our next step. Living by your core values will increase your confidence and give you a stronger rooting in your existence. Take your time with this process. It is well worth it and so are you.

Make a list of your top 7 pet-peeves. These are not minor irritations, but rather actions that evoke a visceral emotional response. Remember on the other side of every pet-peeve is a value. Therefore, pet-peeves are indeed VALUE CONFRONTATIONS. You may want to jot these down as you will need them in the items ahead (Use the + sign to add additional pet-peeves). * 🛈

After checking off the values after each Value Confrontation (pet-peeve), you will get a list of the values you chose.

Select the values that resonate for pet peeve one *
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