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On December 17, 2015 I posted a writing on Facebook by Dr. Maya Angelou and Pamela Redmond Satran entitled A WOMAN SHOULD HAVE. . . 

In just three days it was reposted over 400 times. I believe that it hit home for many reasons. The list of things a woman should know and have included such a great range of items. This list is a great foundational tool kit. It offers something behind the glass should you have to break it in an emergency. 

Reading something and being moved by it is one thing. Creating an opportunity for sustainable change is another. I believe it will be helpful to utilize this writing as a foundation for a list of things to strive for in 2016.

I’ve turned the original writing into a checklist for you to use as you consider your 2016 goals. Read through the list and check off everything you still need. At the end you will have a complete list of what you need. You may save your results and return to update them as you accomplish your various items.

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