LSTA Diversity and Inclusion Mini-Grant Application

Purpose: To provide libraries with the opportunity to promote a more equitable and inclusive place to read, research, study, and work.  Projects may be for events, services or patron spaces and/or staff work areas. 

Timeline:  Applications are due at 11:59 p.m. on December 1, 2019. Awarded libraries will be notified December 16, 2019. Final reimbursement requests and the final report is due August 15, 2020.

Final Report Requirements: Participants are required to provide the State Library with a short narrative and utilize the Project Outcome/IMLS user surveys. Additional information required may include: length of program, number of times the program was administered, and number of attendees. 

See the grant review rubric for further guidance.

For general questions, contact Amanda Johnson at (919) 814-6795 or or Lauren Clossey at (919) 814-6791 or 

For questions regarding the grant process, contact the Grants Assistant at (919) 814-6802 or

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