SLNC ABLS 2023-2024 Winter Reading Registration

**You must be a patron of SLNC Accessible Books & Library Services to participate in our Winter Reading Program. To become a patron use this link:

Our Winter Reading program is just around the corner! From December 1st until February 29th , patrons who sign up to participate in our program will have their books read added to their overall Winter Reading score. The four categories for Winter Reading are:

  • Digital and Downloadable Books Adults
  • Digital and Downloadable Books Youth
  • Physical Books Adults
  • Physical Books Youth

Please Note: Digital and Downloadable Books include books received on cartridges and downloadable from BARD. Physical Books include large print and physical braille books you receive in the mail from our library. If you read from multiple mediums, your highest medium used will be counted.

If you are having troubles registering for our Winter Reading program using this form, please call us at 1-888-388-2460 or send us an email to
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