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Library Information

Enter the name and email for your library/institution's Authorizing Official. This is the person who is allowed to accept federal money on the institution's behalf. Typically this is the County/City Manager, Chair of a Governing Board, Head of Sponsored Research, or University Dean or CFO.  Typically the library director is not the authorizing official.

Intended Audience

Who will be most immediately and positively affected by your project?
Select one or more of the following intended age groups *
Select audiences that activities are specifically directed towards: *

Project Information

What topic area(s) will your project focus on? (select at least 1) *
When writing your projects topic area description consider the following questions. What need, problem, or challenge will your project address, and how was it identified? What are your project’s intended results and how will they address the need, problem, or challenge you have identified?

Project Activities

Every federally-funded project must have at least one activity, and some require survey data from IMLS' specific surveys.  For more information about which activities require surveys click here.
An Activity is an action or actions through which the goal of a project is accomplished. An Activity accounts for at least 10% of the total amount of resources (time, expenses, etc) committed to the project. Reference the Activity Worksheet as needed.  

What type of activities support your project?  Select all that apply.  

Instruction Program

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Instruction Presentation

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Instruction Consultation

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Content Acquisition

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Content Creation

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Enter a brief description/name of the supplies, equipment, and/or services to be purchased if awarded. Group items together on one line by type or similarity, such as – Learning Center Supplies (6 sets of books, easel, sand table, board games, manipulatives, puzzles, rug). Note: Items that cost $5,000/item require written approval after awards are issued.
The budget form calculates by using the quantity and the per item amount to get the total requested amount at the bottom.  Be sure to click calculate by the total requested amount to get the updated amount.
Requested Award Total (should not exceed $15,000):
Upon submitting your application form you will get two emails.  The first will be from Formsite, and it will contain an unsigned copy of your application.  The second email will be from DocuSign.  You can use the DocuSign email to gather the signatures electronically by the deadline, or print the unsigned application from Formsite and gather physical signatures.  If you gather physical signatures, you must scan and email the fully signed application to by the deadline.  The application is not complete until both the Library Director and the Authorizing Official have signed.
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