Colombia: a new destination for backpackers?

COLOMBIA: a new destination for backpackers?

I am Elisabetta Marforio, a student of the Master in International Tourism at the University of Lugano, and I need your help for my Master Thesis.
I am analyzing the potentials of Colombia as a new, successful destination for backpackers.
I believe this Country may represent the perfect destination for this kind of tourism thanks to his natural and cultural diversity. 

If you have ever backpacked Colombia, I would kindly ask you to complete this short survey.
Your participation in this survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Your responses will be provided anonymously to protect your privacy. If you have any question regarding this study or would like to be informed of the results, please feel free to contact me at:

Thank you very much for your participation and support!

Please indicate your gender *
Please indicate your occupation *
Were you taking a gap year? *
Regarding your motivation, please choose three statments which most represent you * 🛈
The majority of your travel time was spending *
How did you organize your trip? *
Was your travel itinery flexible? *
How long did you stay in Colombia? *
Which kind of accommodation did you use? * 🛈
What was your average spending per day per person? (Accommodation included) *
Which of the following places did you visit? * 🛈
Which of the following activities have you done while backpacking in Colombia? * 🛈
During your trip, for what reason have you spoken to the locals? * 🛈
Do you think Colombia is a safe destination for foreign travellers? *
Which of the following security issues did you face during your trip in Colombia? * 🛈
Have these problems limited your trip? *
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