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Article Categories
Articles should be written for the intended audience of the SIOR global network and the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. The following categories will be used to classify the type of article submitted. SIOR strives to publish a variety of articles from all categories in each issue. Please select which category you feel your article best applies to. *

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Content Submission Guidelines:

Please be sure your article submission adheres to these guidelines.Your submission should:

  • Be compelling, unique, and relevant content.
  • Be applicable and appropriate for the SIOR Global Network and/or the CRE industry.
  • Be written in U.S. English.
  • Be approved for SIOR to own the on-going rights to distribute & publish your article in print and online as SIOR sees fit (with proper credit given to the author).
  • Be approximately 700-1400 words.
Picture recommendations and graphics are encouraged and must be public domain, or acquirable by SIOR from a major photo service. Please email pictures or picture requests to

Your article could be:

  • Pertaining or related to brokerage skills, business practices, technology, marketing, social media, industry trends, international news, market data and trends, transaction case studies, environmental concerns, energy efficiency, and other topics relevant to the SIOR Global community, the CRE industry, and other business professionals.
  • "How to" knowledge or tips related to conducting common business practices or industry tasks.

Your article should NOT:

  • Be a self-promotional article just for the sake of encouraging the reader to visit the link in the author’s byline.
  • Be a sales pitch of your web site or product.
  • Be a review of any sort.
  • Contain numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Contain specific reference to any private or confidential information including, but not limited, to pending brokerage deals for properties or companies or individuals identified, compensation, fees, or anything else that could conflict with agreements or contracts between such companies, parties or projects.
  • Contain anything that is related gambling or to irrelevant or illegal or explicit subject matter.
  • Contain anything that is not suitable for family audiences, like pornography.
  • Make any effort whatsoever to defame or tarnish any individual, organization or brand.
  • Contain fewer than 700 words or more than 1500; SIOR reserves the right to edit any submission for content and/or length.
  • Contain any information that is trademarked or copyrighted without proper attribution and written permission from the author.
  • Be reposted or republished anywhere else in any format once you have submitted your post to SIOR without SIOR's prior written content in each such instance.

Content Submission Policies:

  • All requests are subject to review and may take up to 10 days before a response to a submissions is given.
  • A submissions does not guarantee your content will be published. SIOR reserves the right to review and approve or reject any submissions. In addition, SIOR reserves the right to edit submissions for content and/or length for consistency and quality control purposes. Should SIOR's editing substantially alter the overall content of the submission, SIOR will acquire approval from the submitting author before publishing.
  • All authors will receive appropriate credit for content published and agree to allow SIOR full rights to republish articles in any communications medium they wish (website, magazine, blog, etc.). Please review authoring guidelines for further information on our publishing policies.
  • Photos and graphs can be included with your submission, but must be sent as attachments, and not embedded in the document. Photos must be high-resolution (300 dpi or higher, color preferred) and in a JPEG, TIFF or EPS format.
  • Exclusive submissions are preferred. If your article has already appeared in another publication, please indicate where and when it ran.
  • We cannot guarantee placement in the Professional Report magazine, and we reserve the right to make modifications to submitted content.

Please also review SIOR’s Terms of Use for further information on web guidelines.

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