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Complete the form below to request grant proposal support from the Research Development Team.
> Grant Development Specialists are assigned to projects based on their expertise with the           
targeted funding agency/type of grant program and availability.                                                 
          > Remember to also email PreAward@odu.edu at least 30 days before the grant deadline to notify the  
           ODU Research Foundation, which submits proposals and administers grant funding for ODU faculty.
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Type of Proposal Support requested (check all that apply):
Review Solicitation to ensure eligibility and match with project
Support for large/multi-disciplinary proposal
Project/proposal planning
Assistance identifying collaborators
Review of draft to ensure solicitation requirements are addressed and clearly presented
Intensive edits for correct language, usage, grammar and spelling
Quick final edit
Proposals must be submitted by the ODU Research Foundation,
   which is separate from the ODU Office of Research.
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