Registered Art - FZB 2022: Weird Science

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Tunnel of SnugLet's Be FrankA cozy little tube for cuddling with friends and friends you haven't met yet. Featuring story books, mood lights, pillows, blankets, and a ball pit!My name is Emmy and I don't do art but you can follow me on Instagram for pictures of vegetables and animals: @marianaemmy.
IRATE Research and Development Corp. LLC.I'm camping with Shiny, so I'd like to set up in their zone.A state-of-the-art mad research facility, responsible for many disruptive technologies you may be familiar with such as the Shrink Ray, the Freeze Ray, and the soon-to-be-released FreezerBurn Ray. As benefactors, you are invited to tour the laboratory under the supervision of Mad Principle Investigator Dr. Weltraumhosen. Spacepants
Fire n' the holeButt Putt Disco FantazyFire Boosherfire boosher with 20 lbs. propane tank accumulator
Jill's Clam ShackLet's Be FrankA lusciously warm, soft interior of purple opens before you, waiting to envelop you in a furry embrace. Jill's Clam Shack is a full sensory experience in a 34 year old camper van, set to a soundtrack of thoroughly pleasant listening and softly twinkling lights. Sink into the sumptuous surroundings and feast your eyes upon the opulent amaranthine pastels of the one and only Jill's Clam Shack.Jill has nearly 300,000 miles on her second engine and has seen much of the continental United States with her former owner, who took her to the Big Burn multiple times in her 34-year life. The salty playa dust caused Jill's undercarriage to need extensive work this year but she is back in business and ready to roll into regional burns across Texas. As her third owner I have had to do minimal interior work to this beauty- she came to me in all her currently fuzzy, purple glory and will continue to entrance visitors for hopefully many years to come.Rambo
Through the Carousel Looking-GlassCome one, come all! Take a picture with the scenic panels from the 1927 Carousel that we have acquired and plan to rebuild & create an artist showcase that will be Carousel Samsara.Carousel Samsara A thought provoking, spinning, cyclical dedication to the importance of preserving the earth & respecting our environment. Carousel Samsara encompasses the concept of the word Samsara. Samsara is a Sanskrit word representing the cyclical change of life. The process of life & death is cyclical; we are born, we live, then we die and then the process begins again. We create a hell on earth when we, as a human species, fail to protect our natural resources. As we intertwine the 4 elements with the idea of Samsara, you will be taken into a chilling tale of beauty, magic, & ghastly characters sure to tickle your fancy. sugarNspice
Quasi-chromanetic Reality Stabilizer and Empathic Wave GeneratorSparkEasyA type of entropy reversal device used to repair local distortions in the space-time dynomatrix. Reality stabilizers are common among entropy-prone regions of the galaxy and are especially prevalent along beamlines of energetic coherent quasars. They are usually deployed in groups to maximize their effect. Many reality stabilizers, especially those used in the Orion Arm, have a notable (and sometimes desirable) side effect of radiating empathic waves (described by many species as "good vibes") due to their usage of a Chromanetic Harmonic Balancer Circuit in their primary resonator assembly. Stabilizers of this type also often emit colorful distortions of the visual field, a tertiary effect of chromanetic harmonics.Chaos Engine
Art vehicle maintenance programArt grant to provide relief and up keep of Freezerburn art vehicle. Dustin
DiGiTaLCHeMyDiGiTaLCHeMy is a projection art project involving the live creation of video projection effects and animation created by projecting video and effects that are created live. The goal of this project is to merge the old-school style of overhead projection oil/water animations with new video technology through cameras and digital microscopes. Waldo
Human Charging PlateMetatrons cube is an ancient symbol that transcends language. The cube of formation sits on top of the fruit of life (13 circles) because unlocking its knowledge reveals the truth of all things. Here the 6 outermost circles are freed from the limitations of the solids and align with the chakra energy centers - each one opened to be large enough to sit in. Each of the six circles connects with a corresponding chakra energy. Sit inside metatrons cube to connect with the universe and understand the organization of all matter. Or sit on the outside and ponder connections to your own body. See something new every time. It would occupy a 20ftx20ft area. Inscribed with metatron's cube on the top. It will sit less than 1’ off the ground. There will be 6 colored circles around the perimeter. There will be a contact plate (invisible) on the top and a speaker inside. Dionysus
Cabinet of CuriositiesCast Iron VillageInspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Houston and the Trade Counter at the Austin Nature and Science Center. Please come open drawers drawers and view our scientific curiosities. If you see something that you like take it with you on your scientific exploration and leave something in its place. Honey Badger
Big SketchyLED UnicornAn Etch-A-Sketch®! But big and made of LEDs instead of... sand or whatever.Sour Juice
Altered PlanesSix altered planes taking flight through the Weird Science Multiverse.Man Scout
Enter the SynapseEnter the Synapse is a walkthrough balloon experience that takes you deep into the realm of the nervous system
Mural Wall5 foot by 18 foot primed canvas stretched between posts. Plenty of paint and brushes for multiple people to paint at once. Brush/easel clean station. Beekeeper
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