1.  When entering your information below, please double check that you entered everything correctly.

2. North Florida Credit Consultants requires ALL clients to maintain active credit monitoring.  Credit monitoring is crucial and the cost is $27.99 per month.  This allows us to track your progress during your credit repair journey (deletions, score changes, new accounts, etc).  Any clients that cancel and/or downgrade their credit monitoring service will be suspended from the program.

3. Please do not enroll if you have an active bankruptcy as we will not be able to help.  Dismissed/Discharged bankruptcies are OK.
4. Please do not enroll if you are not able to complete your onboarding within 48 hours. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete onboarding. If it’s going to take you longer than 48 hours, please do not sign up for our services.

5. Please do not sign up if you are currently behind on paying your bills. We do not want our services to be another bill added on as a burden for you. Old accounts are fine. But if you are behind on your current accounts, please do not sign up.
6.Everyone's individual credit situation is different and therefore will yield different time frames as well as different results. Due to the nature of the process North Florida Credit Consultants can not give a time of completion.
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Your enrollment/document processing fee of the plan you selecte above will be charged to your card once your onboarding is completed. If your onboarding is not completed within 48 hours of your portal being turned on, we will cancel your account with North Florida Credit Consultants. If chjoosing monthly payment option monthly payments ($125) start a month after your enrollment payment and is based on the anniversary date.  For example, if your card was charged on the 14th of the month, your payment date will then be set for the 14th of the month moving forward.  We do allow clients to move their payment date by up to 3 days.  You can request this by sending customer support a message in your client portal.

By clicking submit, you agree to the terms above.