Business Tax Return Certification


Note: If you recieve a 1099-NEC, you are considered self-employed for tax purposes. Please check "Sole Proprietor" below.
Type of business income you have: *
Did you receive any income documents such as a 1099-NEC, 1099-K, 1099-Misc, etc.? *
What method of payments do you receive? (Check all that apply) *
Do you have a business (or occupational license) with the county/city in which your business is located? *

Do your profession require you to have a professional license (such as hair dresser, electrician, plumber, attorney, etc.)? *

Do you have subcontractors? *
Did you give them a 1099-NEC? *
Do you have employees? *
Do you give them W-2s? *
How do you advertise your business? (Check all that apply) *
Do you have a seperate business bank account from your personal bank account? *
Who does your bookkeeping or keeps up with your income and expenses? *
By law you are required to keep adequate income records. What type of records do you maintain to verify business income? *
By law you are required to keep adequate expense records. What type of records do you maintain to verify business expenses? *


Since I do not do your bookkeeping, I have prepared your tax return based upon tax documents that you provided me. I did not audit your documents nor did I provide any additional bookkeeping services for you. The scope of my work was merely to take the information you provided and turn it into a tax return.
Therefore, you agree to and certify the following:
1. That the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.
2. You do have (or can get) back up and source document to verify and support all expenses you provided to complete your tax return and understand if you cannot get or produce the documents they IRS or state tax authority may disallow the expense.
3. The information provided was prepared by you, one of your employees or an outside service.
4. In the event of an audit, you understand you, your employee or your other outside service must be available to answer any question regarding the information provided. Since I do not do your bookkeeping, I would be unable to answer any question regarding your books and bookkeeping procedures.
5. If your business return required a balance sheet, you understand the tax return balance sheet may not match your books. This may be due to entries on the return that are not recorded correctly in your books. In that case, you agree to allow me to make adjustment to make the balance sheet match your tax return data verses your book data.
6. Your signature on your return signifies your agreement that the return is true and accurate based upon the documents you submitted to me.
7. You will hold myself and Rapid Tax Service Inc. harmless in the event of a change to your tax return by the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authority.
Income & Expenses
Do you have all the required back-up and source documents to prove the income and expenses you are claiming?


Did you maintained a mileage log and/or receipts of actual expenses to support the mileage claimed? *
Note: Failure to keep good records can result in the IRS or state taxing authority to disallow our mileage expenses.


My tax preparer explained to me, and I understand, that providing false, under (or over inflated) income and expenses to qualify for certain tax credits, or misleading information could result in fines, penalties, and/or loss of tax credits. My signature below indicates I have provided true and accurate information to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.
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