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You hereby agree and state that you are an authorized signer of the business listed in this form, and understand that your business (or you as an individual, if your business is a Sole Prop and using your SS# as your business Tax ID) will receive a 1099 from HēLē Marketing LLC for any revenue provided to your business related to our website,
HēLē Marketing LLC agrees to provide $10 (ten dollars) per shirt purchased from our website, for each shirt that is designated as being listed and identified with your business name. Should HēLē Marketing LLC ever discount the price of the shirts from the current price of $25 ($27 for XXL shirts) or offer bundled pricing (such as buy 3 shirts for $45 or something similar), your business will receive 40% (forty percent) of the net amount received for the shirt by HēLē Marketing LLC. HēLē Marketing LLC also agrees to provide 100% (one hundred percent) of the net revenue derived from the "Virtual Tip Jar" on our website, for funds designated specifically and solely for your listed business. Should funds be provided via our "Virtual Tip Jar" during a purchase of products designated for multiple businesses, your business will share equally in the revenue provided in that "Virtual Tip Jar" transaction. This could occur if a customer buys 3 shirts designated for 3 separate businesses and leaves one $10 donation in our "Virtual Tip Jar". In this example, the net proceeds of that "Virtual Tip Jar" transaction would be split evenly between the 3 businesses. 
HēLē Marketing LLC will provide disbursements of revenue to respective businesses twice each month. Disbursements will be paid to participating businesses upon the earnings exceeding $20 (twenty dollars). Should earnings not exceed $20 in any calendar year, the amount due to the respective business will be paid in January of the following calendar year.
You agree to prominently post on your business's social media channels, the direct link to your respective product page on the website, to assist in marketing the initiative.
You understand and agree that HēLē Marketing LLC reserves the right to determine qualification for businesses participating in the Support Local Small program, in its sole discretion, and such may be revoked for at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. 
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You have marked "no" to the terms of this arrangement in the previous question. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to quickly address any concerns. You may reach us via the Click to go to our "Contact Us" Form webform or by sending an email to We look foward to speaking with you. 
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