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As an existing customer, I understand that when my account is converted to prepay, the total amount owed through the current reading will be calculated. This will provide a starting balance and determine an amount to pay to get to the required credit balance.

As a new prepaid customer, I am not subject to reconnection fees unless I require Choctaw Electric personnel to come to my location for assistance.

I understand the following charges are to be paid before electric service will be connected: $5 membership fee, $10 deposit (initiation fee), $25 connect fee and a minimum of $85 towards prepaid credit = $125 minimum.


Prepaid electric service requires the account to have a credit balance at all times. Electric service will be subject to immediate disconnection any time the account does not have a credit balance.  Medical conditions and or inclement weather will not postpone disconnection. If a return payment is received, the amount of the return item and any return item fee will be charged to the consumer’s account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to be exhausted, service will be subject to immediate disconnect without any notifications. The cooperative has the right to refuse payment by check if the account has a return item.

I understand that prepaid accounts are not eligible for payment arrangements, budget billing, or bank draft.  In instances where the prepaid balance owed is $5.00 or less a 2-day grace period may be given at the discretion of Choctaw Electric. Energy assistance  guarantees may be applied to the prepaid balance once received by Choctaw Electric. Payment guarantees may not guarantee the electric will be kept on. Prepay members understand that medical and health conditions of any person located at the address where the electric service is furnished will not postpone disconnection of service.

Payments can be made in the office, by mail, by phone, site kiosk and by web at If service is terminated due to a positive balance on your account, the service will be reconnected as soon as any outstanding balance is paid, giving the prepaid balance a minimum of a $10 credit balance. No disconnect, reconnect, or late fees will be assessed to your account. 

If a meter is found not to register or to register intermittently for any period, the Cooperative may charge for an estimated amount of electricity used, which shall be calculated by averaging the amounts registered over corresponding periods in previous years, or in the absence of such information, over similar periods of known accurate measurement preceding or subsequent thereto.

If service is terminated at the request of the member or the account was disconnected for nonpayment and remains disconnected for 7 to 10 days or more, the account will be settled and final billed. Accounts will receive a refund on any remaining credit on the account along with a refund of the membership fee and deposit. If a balance is still owed at this time, a final bill will be mailed to the last known address and payment is expected immediately to keep the account from being reported to a credit bureau. Prepay in no way releases the member’s responsibility for paying the final balance due.

I understand that at any time I may elect to convert my account to standard billing. Choctaw Electric Cooperative will require full payment and may require a deposit ($5 membership and $25 connect fee paid at time of initial connect) as a condition of continued service.

I request that my account be prepay *
Notify me for low balance and other account information by: *
By signing this form it is understood between Choctaw Electric and the member that the terms and conditions of the above pre-paid service agreement have been read.  Also, the member gives Choctaw Electric Cooperative permission to contact the member by phone and/or email for prepaid meter billing low balance notices. I understand that it is my responsibility to immediately notify Choctaw Electric of any changes to contact information (email address, phone number).
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