International Council for Helplines Application

Thank you for submitting your application for membership, accreditation and/or re-accreditation. This application will be submitted electronically by clicking the "submit" button. If you have any questions, please contact the Accreditation & Credentialing Administrator at
This application is for (check all that apply): *
Will the Helpline Director be the main contact for accreditation? *
What type of staffing model is used by the helpline(s)? *
Is the helpline a member of the 988 Lifeline network? *
Services provided by the organization *
Affiliations and/or accreditations *
Are the helpline(s) part of a parent organization? *
Payment Amount. Please note that the total fee payment is based on the number of helplines being accredited. Select the applicable number of helplines going through the accreditation process. If the application is for membership only, select the membership fee. *
For organizations who are currently accredited by ICH and want to add an additional helpline for accreditation, check the out-of-cycle accreditation.
For new members:  please note that member dues are calculated based upon the month when the application is received by International Council for Helplines.  
An invoice will be emailed to the organization contact.  The email and invoice will have instructions for paying by check, credit card, or electronic bank account transfer.