MMV Manual Questionnaire

To submit your bookings for commission payment, you MUST: (Select The Correct Answer) *
Commissions are paid by MMV to the Independent Contractor: (Select The Correct Answer) *
If you fail to enter your bookings into ClientEase, by the date commission is received by MMV, and we are unable to apply it, what happens? (Please select all that apply) *
TRUE OR FALSE? Commission levels are reviewed each year. Your level will be determined by the amount of commission you were paid in that calendar year. This would include payroll deposits made January - December. *
Payment / Quote / Transfer - We have these options on our agency website. What statements are true? *
If a client asks you for assistance on a destination you are not familiar with, how would you handle it? (Select All That Apply) *
TRUE OR FALSE: A client wants to book air only. You are only permitted to book air, separate from a package, by adding on $25 PER PERSON for Domestic, and $50 PER PERSON for international *
You are busy, and a client contacts you regarding a booking you made for them. You feel you have already answered their questions, and don't feel like dealing with them anymore. What is the appropriate action? *
As an agent with MMV, you must create and use a business email address. What must be included on all emails you send out? *
When are you eligible to apply for an IATA and/or CLIA card? *