Magical Moments Vacations Agent Application

Prior to getting started! As this application is an example of the professional communication you will be sending to your clients/potential clients, it is important that you double-check your spelling, and pay close attention to proper capitalization and grammar. We do take this into consideration when reviewing agent applications.
Also, please be sure to read each question, and include all details and links requested. We look foward to reviewing your application!
Have you booked 5 or more Disney, Universal, Cruise or All-Inclusive vacations for yourself and/or family and friends, in the last 5 years? *
Please Note:

Preference is given to those agents with more extensive personal travel experience. Experiencing a destination is the best education! If you are brand new, and wanting to get started started as a travel agent, but are lacking personal experience, please start by booking and traveling to some of the destinations we specialize in. Once you have that important experience, please come back to apply!
Thank you!
Are you a New or Experienced Agent? If experienced, please list the number of years. *
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Magical Moments Vacations New Agent Education Program

Goal of the Program:
To provide education and training to new travel agents, which will give them the necessary foundation to be successful independent travel agents with Magical Moments Vacations (MMV). The New Agent Education program will provide the new agent with training in a mentored environment which will allow them to gain experience in the following areas:

  • MMV Agency Policies and Procedures
  • Booking of Vacation Packages – Preferred Suppliers, Where to book, Registration Instructions, Qualifying Clients
  • Maintaining a client database and client relations
  • Entering bookings into MMV accounting software for payment of commission
  • Best business practices – growing and maintaining clientele and referrals
  • Vacation destination training
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Specific Training for MMV Specialties: Disney Destinations, All-Inclusive Resorts/Mexico, Caribbean, and Cruises

About the Program:
The agent will enter the program by signing our agency contract which is an auto-renewing yearly contract and paying the administrative fee. The agent will be placed into our Academy Group specific to the New Agent Training Program to begin their training.  It facilitates the agent to work independently, while having the support of the Program Coordinator, Learning Modules, and the accompanying Facebook Group. Additionally, our agency Owner, Agent Support Manager, Advisory Council, Agent Marketing Manager, and Agency Admins are part of this group to answer questions and provide guidance as needed. 

The new agent will be assigned an MMV email address and will also be required to use our client management software – ClientEase, to maintain their client database, and enter in bookings. Additionally, the agent will be encouraged to create a business Facebook page to advertise their business. The agent will be given access to the agent page of our website, including our Supplier Booking information, which provides detailed instructions on registering independently for supplier accounts. Agents will be responsible for all quotes and bookings as it pertains to their clients. Trips booked during this program will be managed completely by the program participant with guidance from the Program Coordinator and agency management as needed.

Upon successful completion of training, the agent will graduate, and be placed into our MMV Facebook Group. 

NOTE: This is a time-sensitive program. There are strict deadlines and due dates. While the material is not extremely time-consuming, the deadlines will be enforced. You must be dedicated to: be present in our agency groups, check your MMV email daily, be aware of all assignments, turn in assignments and complete Modules per the required scheduled. 

Admission into the Program
Select New Agents will be accepted. They must show strong potential based on their application and phone interview. All agents must be approved by Jen Kistler.

 The application process will include:

  • A complete application form (This form)
  • Phone interviews will be conducted with strong applicants
  • Offers to join the program will be sent out
  • Contracts must be signed, and payments processed with MMV prior to your registration being finalized. As soon as that is complete, you may begin booking immediately

Program Length: 6 months  
The program is designed to be completed within a 6-month time span. Agents are expected to “graduate” after one six-month session. If the agent feels an extra six-month session of the same curriculum is needed, they may continue in the training program for an additional 6-month term - one time. If successful completion is not met after 2 sessions, the contract will not be renewed. Upon graduation, the agent will be migrated to our main FB groups for experienced agents.

Supplier Training
You can start training with all suppliers immediately upon signing your contract. 

Agents are able to have a listing on the MMV website after graduation. While in the academy training program, you will want to create and develop a strong online presence via FB (and other forms of social media). It's the best way to grow your business, and excellent for advertising and building a clientele. 


$350 First Year Administrative Fee, subsequent years auto-renew at $250/yr.

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance - $1,000,000 policy with $500 IC deductible
  • Postage fees. This includes standard mailing of documents via USPS Mail to the IC, Should the agent request rush/overnight/expedited services, the IC agrees to cover such expense.
  • Agency Email – We have agency email available and recommended for your use. If using an MMV email, you are required to use it for all agency business with MMV.
  • Direct Deposit – Commissions are paid via Direct Deposit.
  • ClientEase Software - MMV uses ClientEase for our Client Relationship Management Software. The software is mandatory and supported directly from ClientEase. This is included in your administrative fee.

**Upon completion of the 6-month program these fees will cover the entire year.  Your contract and administrative fees renew on a yearly basis.

Program Details

Training Modules

Module 1: MMV Policies and Procedures

Sample Topics:  

  • Who’s Who and Who to Contact for What
  • ClientEase Training – Entering of bookings upon deposit
  • Getting set up with suppliers / registration
  • Facebook rules, etiquette, business page set up / compliance
  • Client communication and follow-up
  • Quoting Process
  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Booking Process and Procedures
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking Airfare with Service Fee

Module 2: Picking Your Specialty / Specialties

Module 3: College of Disney Knowledge

Module 4: Disney Destinations

Sample Topics:

  • Ins and Outs of Walt Disney World bookings
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Disneyland
  • Aulani/AbD
  • Use of the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner designation
Module 5: UniversalAndU Supplier Certification
Module 6: Universal Parks and Resorts
Module 7: Hotel-Only Booking Procedures
Module 8: All-Inclusive Resorts Booking Procedures

Sample Topics:

  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Resort Brands
  • Charter Air Markets and Suppliers
  • Bundling components
  • Traveling abroad requirements
Module 9: Cruises

Sample Topics:

  • Cruise lines and their fleets
  • Quoting a cruise: knowing what’s included and what is an extra cost
  • Documentation requirements
Module 10: Sales Best Practices
Module 11: Business Building Skills
Module 12: Marketing Your Business
  • Sample Topics:

    • Utilizing social media
    • Booking Events
    • Creating email lists
    • Keeping in touch with your clients


  • Check Ins will be required monthly with the Program Coordinator.
  • A New Agent Training group will be provided for the participants. All questions can be asked in the group.


New Agents

1. Complete ALL Education Modules

2. Successfully complete assignments

3. Meet all deadlines for assignments and check-ins

4. Pass end-of-program assessments with a score of at least 80% on each assessment

5. Maintenance of a professional decorum throughout the program

Experienced Agents (IATA/CLIA qualified)

1. Graduate once all Modules are completed.

2. Modules may be done at your own pace if you'd like to graduate prior to the 6 months.

3. Experienced Agents will participate in assignments until such time that all Modules are completed.

4. You may request to take the Exit exam upon completion of all modules. 

5. There is no minimum timeframe. You may elect to stay in all 6 months if you prefer, but you can also work through it as quickly as you would like. 


All brand-new, inexperienced agents will start at a 70/30 commission split. The new agent will receive 70% of commissions received by MMV.  If you are coming in as an experienced agent (IATA/CLIA qualified *documentation required), you will start at a 80/20 commission split.


Either party can terminate this agreement so long as 14 days’ notice is provided to each other. MMV reserves the right to terminate the agreement without any notice should your participation be deemed to be harmful to MMV in any way. This is a time sensitive program. All assignments, modules, and monthly check-ins are to be completed by the agent within the requested time frame. Should the agent fail to complete 3 or more of the requested components by the due date, participation in our program will be terminated. Should you decide to terminate your participation in the program, all bookings made and/or deposited with MMV will remain the property of MMV. No bookings will be transferred or cancelled under any circumstances. Your agency email address will be deactivated 30 days after notice of termination.

I have read the above New Agent Training Program Information, and agree to the terms and conditions included herein: *
Signature *