U.S. Census Bureau Application

Thanks for showing interest in a position with one of HIVE DIVERSITY's Partners, U.S. Census Bureau! Please complete this application to help us facilitate a more meaningful engagement as we introduce you and your qualifications. We can't wait to connect you!
The Census Bureau serves as the nation’s leading provider of quality data about its people and economy. We have been headquartered in Suitland, Maryland since 1942, and currently employ about 4,285 staff members. We are part of the U.S. Department of Commerce and overseen by the Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA). We honor privacy, protect confidentiality, share our expertise globally, and conduct our work openly. We are guided on this mission by our strong and capable workforce, our readiness to innovate, and our abiding commitment to our customers.
OPPORTUNITIES @ U.S. Census Bureau
Industry: Government, Public Administration & Public Policy
Functions: Research & Insights (Market Research)
Full-Time Positions (Recent Grads)
Field Representative (Rochester, NY (Monroe County) or Massachusetts)
To learn more about the requirements for each of these opportunities, please select a position from the dropdown list below. As resumes are reviewed in real time, it's in your best interest to apply as soon as possible to benefit from our internal advocates and, if desired, our resume review. Please review the final HIVE Hacks HERE, to ensure your resume is as perfect as possible prior to submitting your application. 
Field Representative

As resumes are reviewed in real time, it's in your best interest to apply as soon as possible to benefit from our internal advocates and, if desired, our resume review.

Deadline to Apply: Reviewed In Real Time
Functions: Research & Insights (Market Research)
Paid/Unpaid: Paid
Location: Rochester, NY (Monroe County) or Massachusetts
Full/Part-Time: Mixed-tour schedule with periods of full-time, part-time, and/or intermittent work to accommodate fluctuating workloads.

If selected you will work out of your home as your duty station and will be required to travel through your Field Supervisory Area (FSA) on a routine basis.
  • Canvasing and Interviewing respondents for data collection purposes.
  • Using a laptop to record responses and other vital information. Interviewing respondents for data collection purposes.
  • Explaining purpose of survey; asking questions as worded.
  • U.S. citizenship; valid SSN; driver’s license and insured vehicle(except Manhattan). Desire to work with the public, be self-motivated, and be able to follow detailed instructions.

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