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$249 One Hour Party Package: Saturday & Sunday
($199 Monday - Friday):
Includes 16 laser tag units, 8-14 camo pop-up bunkers as needed, supervision and assistance by experienced Game Master, for 60 minute time slot.  This package is for an unlimited number of total players, with up to 16 in play at a time.  We will need 30-60 minutes before and after the time slot for set up/pack up.  Possible add-ons and discounts are listed below.
Party Package. Select Weekend (Saturday-Sunday) or Weekday (Friday Only): *
Prepay Special! Save $40 off your booking by prepaying in full at the time of booking. Acceptable payments for this discount are only Venmo (@Rodney-Brown-238) and Check (Mail to Rodney Brown Tactical Laser Tag 11414 Isaac Ct Hagerstown MD 21742) *
Select appropriate travel fee. Must match travel fee chart for Game Master or quoted fee. *


Total Party Price (Package + Bunkers + Additional Time + Travel Fee):
Deposit Required! A minimum of $100 deposit (OR the travel fee, whichever is higher) is required to secure your party. If your organization requires a contract and payment in full at the event, please inquire about that possibility as it is handled on a case-by-case basis. Post-event billing and payment is not an option. *


How did you find out about us? *

Please submit this form only if you agree to our policies below:

Weather Policy: We can play in periodic light rain or snow. Anything heavier will require taking a break while it passes or rescheduling of your party. Most of the days with rain in the forecast are actually playable. The temperature must be above 34 degrees for the equipment to be operational, and the wind can not be blowing more then 35 MPH.This decision can be made up to two hours before we begin driving to your location. Once we begin driving to your party site we will be beyond rescheduling. If rescheduling is required due to weather but it is impossible to find an agreeable time slot, you may cancel your party and be refunded any deposit paid.

Refund Policy: 10 days notice is required to receive a refund of deposit on cancellations for reasons other than weather. There is no fee for rescheduling. If a refund is applicable, it will be issued within 7 days of the notice of cancellation, by the method that it was submitted.

Light & Music: Adequate lighting is required for safety at the discretion of the Game Master (Darker is NOT Better). NO loud music. Players must be able to hear the sound effects of the laser tag units to enjoy the game, and the Game Master and players must be able to communicate. The sound effects of the units is enough for ambiance, no music is required.  Strobe lights are not permitted due to the blinding effect.

Unloading & Parking: We need to unload our equipment as close as possible to the battlefield location. Stairs and elevators should be avoided. We also need to park as close as possible to the battlefield location. Providing a parking location is the responsibility of the customer. Failure to provide proper unloading and parking locations could delay the start of the laser tag and reduce the amount of playing time.
Public Park Policy: Use of public property without permission is at the risk of the customer.  We cannot waive or reduce our fees if the laser tag is stopped for this reason.  We encourage you to get permission if using public property before booking your event.
Returned Check Fee & Collection: We charge a $30 returned check fee if your check is returned to us unpaid by your bank.  We will allow you 7 days to make payment through PayPal before beginning collection methods.
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