IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Member Inductee Documentation
Students and Graduate Students pay a one-time fee of US$60.00 to be inducted into IEEE-HKN. This includes a complementary one-year IEEE Student Membership for the year (January-December) in which they are inducted.
Professional members inducting through active chapters pay a one-time fee of US$100 to be inducted into IEEE-HKN.
Inductees who are currently IEEE members will receive a complementary one-year extension on their current IEEE Student membership, as well as the above benefits. 
Note: IEEE-HKN Chapters in Canada are required to pay an additional $9 tax for each inductee (total cost = $69 per inductee). 
This form is to be completed by the Chapter's Faculty Advisor, Corresponding Secretary or President. Please send any material which must be mailed to:
IEEE-HKN Member Operations
501 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ, 08854
Graduate Student Inductees must include a letter of approval signed by the department leadership and the Chapter's Faculty Advisor.

REMINDER: Induction Certificates and IEEE-HKN Memberships cannot be processed until all paperwork and payments are received.   Checks or credit card payments are accepted, cash payments are not accepted.   For a check payment, please submit one check for the induction group- please do not submit individual checks.
Certificates will be printed exactly as entered on this form - replacement certificates are $10 per certificate and can be ordered through our replacement certificate form.
Note: This form should only be completed ONCE per induction per Chapter. Please use the required spreadsheet attached to list all inductees. Please leave the induction number blank.
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Member type (check all that apply): *

Nomination and endorsements for Professional candidates to be inducted in a student chapter

One nominator in addition to two endorsements is required

A nomination form must be submitted for membership in a student chapter and the department chair (or higher) or faculty advisor must serve as the nominator. 

A total of 2 endorsements are required.

For nominations in a student chapter, the following applies.

  • One endorsement by a member of IEEE-HKN (any grade including student).
  • One endorsement by a faculty member (the department chair (or higher) or the faculty advisor may be an endorser when not the nominator.) The faculty member endorser does not have to be an IEEE-HKN member if the university position of the endorser is department chair or higher. 

A current member of the IEEE-HKN BoG is eligible to be an endorser

Chapter Information *
Chapter (e.g., Tau Sigma):
Faculty Advisor:
Additional Faculty Advisors (If none, please type N/A):
Corresponding Secretary:
Date of New Member Induction:
Please mail certificates to:
 Please allow up to three weeks for certificate processing
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