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All data collected will be used as a benchmark for assessment of the organization's year to year progression.
Many questions on this survey are designed to take less than 30 second to complete, if you have the information readily available. The open-ended questions were created to be flexible and allow you to spend as much time on them as you'd like.
For the best assessment, we do recommend providing as much information as possible as many of the fields will simply be scored on whether or not information was provided to use as a benchmark.

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All applications are due by March 31, 2023.

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Does your organization have at least 750 US-based employees?
*Organization must have at least 750 US-based employees to qualify *


How does your organization, both publicly and internally, inform and generate awareness of the committement to supplier diversity?
Annual Report *
Sustainability Report *
Social Media *
Website *
Internal Communications *
Internal Training & Awareness *
Can you provide links to examples? *

Scope of Supplier Diversity Program

How do you demonstrate your organization's committment to supplier diversity?
Three to five year strategy in place for program? *
Program tied to compensations Select any/all that apply.
Is supplier diversity on the organization scorecard? *
Do you have additional staff supporting your team? *
Does the program have a dedicated annual budget? *
How often are results provided to procurement teams, stakeholders? *
How often are supplier diversity results reviewed by executive management? *
Does your program have active C-Suite support? *
Do you have or participate in a supplier development/mentor program? Check any/all that apply.
Do you support various diversity organizations? Mark any/all that apply.
Do you require third party certification? *
If yes, which providers do you accept? Mark any/all that apply. *
Do you provide in-kind donation or services? *
Do you sponsor suppliers at events? *
Will you provide us with a short description of your supplier outreach program? *

Diverse Spend

Provide diversity spend information below for US diverse spend ONLY.

**Please be sure to only include suppliers ONCE in category of choice.
Do NOT double count.
Provide ALL responses in either % or $
% or $ MBE US Spend Breakdown. Must equal $ or % above.
 Enter for each. Use 0 if n/a.
% or $ of MBE Spend to Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
% or $ of MBE Spend to African Americans
% or $ of MBE Spend to Hispanics
% or $ of MBE Spend to Native Americans
Select any/all exclusions your organization uses to calculate % of spend.
Does your program include diverse spend in non-traditional categories? Select any/all that apply. *
Do you track the number or percentage of diverse suppliers that transition from bid participation to award? *

Diverse Spend Categories

Tier 2 Diverse Suppliers

How do you go beyond the mere existence of the program to measure the diversity efforts of your organization's direct (Tier 1) diverse and non-diverse suppliers in terms of their own diverse spend and diverse count?
Do you have a Tier 2 program? *
Does Tier 2 program have a compliance component? Check any/all that apply.
Number of primes reporting

Diverse Count

What is the percentage of minority and diverse suppliers that your organization contracts with within a given fiscal year?
Have you experienced a net loss in diverse suppliers in the last year? *

New Suppliers

What is the percentage of diverse suppliers added in a given fiscal year?

Executive Signature

Upon submission, all answers are finalized. Please verify all data is complete and correct before submitting. Thank you! 
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