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Alumni - Where Are You Now Survey

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Current profession

Career After PassportUSA

Are you still working at the PassportUSA client facility? *
If you have remained in the healthcare industry, how prepared were you for your next job based on your previous PassportUSA assignment experience?
If you are not employed right now, what is your primary activity?
Would you like more information on Health Carousel's Career Services (travel nurse jobs, career advice, scholarship opportunities, etc.)?

Life After PassportUSA

Are you still living in the same U.S. state from your previous PassportUSA assignment?
Have you experienced any major life events since completing your PassportUSA assignment? (New car, house, etc.) *
Have you enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program since finishing your assignment?
How many years after you finished your PassportUSA assignment did you start your professional education?
Do you have plans to pursue additional degrees in the future?
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Keeping In Touch

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How connected do you feel to PassportUSA with our Alumni Network Facebook group and quarterly Alumni blog emails?
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