The purpose of the Community Pharmacy Advocacy Group (CPAG) Fund is to form a Strategic Alliance with all pharmacy owners and stakeholders to provide action against the Medi-Cal NADAC clawback and pricing methodology as well as continued abuses from PBMs.   

Tell your Story!

Part of the strategy to get the current Governor’s administration and legislative leaders to push back on the Department of Health Care Services to help argue that the Medi-Cal clawback should be stopped is to engage in a public affairs strategy. Randle Communications has been retained to assist in developing a compelling case for both the PBM and Medi-Cal fights. For the Medi-Cal effort, Randle is working with staff to develop the key messages that will resonate with the legislature and Governor’s office.

Additionally, they are compiling video documentaries of pharmacists and their patients telling the story of what will happen if the Medi-Cal clawbacks are not stopped. If you are willing to share your story, please complete this form and you will be contacted to set up a time for the video crew to come to your pharmacy. Video testimonials are very impactful and will be used throughout both campaigns.

Join the Fight!

Taking on the Department of Healthcare Services will require a statewide response, including outside counsel and a public relations firm.  Please consider donating to the cause.  To learn more, click here.