SoPA Tuition Discount Form

This discount applies to SoPA students taking SoPA classes, as indicated on the Tulane Schedule of Classes.
Please submit the tuition discount form after registering for classes each semester.
The tuition discount form is only accepted 60 days before the start of each semester  
until the last day to register/add classes each semester.
You may only apply for the upcoming or current semester during this time-
you may NOT apply for semesters that have already ended or are past the last day to register/add classes.
You must pay your portion of tuition and fees to Tulane Accounts Receivable in a timely fashion. Tuition discount forms are due no later than the last day to register/add classes each semester.
Students are responsible for reviewing their Accounts Receivable statement to verify that the tuition discount has been applied to their account.
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