Altona Miniature Railway - Station Attendants Exam

Welcome to Altona Minature Railways - Station Attendants Exam.
This exam is derived from information provided in the training syllabus and from practical training.
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General Club Questions

1) Who is responsible for all train activities on Public Running days? *
2) Where is the club first aid equipment kept? *
3) When any loss or damage to Club Equipment is caused by a member or their visitors, what action should be taken? *
4) At any club activity where passengers are being hauled, who is ultimately responsible for the operation of the railway? *

General Station Questions

5) Who is responsible to ensure that the riding PUBLIC is advised of the correct riding procedures? *
6) Who is responsible for the dispute resolution at the station regarding tickets and train riding. *
7) Who is responsible for seeing that Passengers are boarded and seated safely? *
8) Who is responsible for ensuring that the club policy regarding footwear is observed? *
9) Who ensures that the Station entry and exit gates are closed and secured while trains are moving in and around the Station Area? *
10) If an accident / injury occurs within the station area what actions should the station master take? *
11) Who makes the final decision for the general operation of the station area? *
12) What is the minimum distance between trains within the station area? *

Signals - Whistles and Flags

13) How is the Guard advised that the train is safely loaded and ready to depart? *
14) What signals should be given in an emergency? *
15) What signals are given when the station master requires a train to stop? *
16) Which whistle and signal code is incorrect? *

The Station Master

17) Who can act as the Station Master? *
18) Is the Station Master responsible for ensuring that the supplies of water, fuel and oil are available to operators while trains are being unloaded and loaded in the Station Area? *
19) Within the station area, what action should the Station Master take if a train driver is not following normal operating procedures? *
20) What action should the Station Master take if a malfunction or a train fault is detected that may affect train running? *

Thank you!

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