Altona Miniature Railway - Non-Steam Operators Exam

Welcome to Altona Minature Railways - Non-Steam Operators Exam.
This exam is derived from information provided in the training syllabus.
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General Club Questions

Where is the club first aid equipment kept? *
If a competent operator is training a non-certified member in the early stages of Driver Training what supervision is required? *
What is the primary responsibility of the train Guard? *
What should the Guard do at all times when the train is running? *
Who is ultimately RESPONSIBLE for the setting of the track and the safe transit around the railway? *

Operator Questions

When any internal combustion locomotive requires refueling what precautions are required? *
If a locomotive is to be left unattended what steps must be taken? *
What is the Maximum Speed for Main Line Running *
When an operator takes control of a locomotive what is the most important thing that you should pay attention to? *
When preparing a locomotive for its first run of the day what inspections are required? *
For all electrical locomotives what additional devices must be fitted them to those of internal combustion (petrol) locomotives *
In respect of Electrical Locomotives, is there any special operations that must be understood? *
If a club Locomotive fails during a run, what procedures are to be followed? *


Before a Locomotive moves forward, what signals does the operator give? *
Which whistle and flag code is incorrect? *
What signal do you hear from a guard giving the operation to indicate that the train is loaded and ready to depart? *
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