Altona Miniature Railway - Guard Exam

Welcome to Altona Miniature Railways - Guards Exam.

This exam is derived from information provided in the training syllabus.

Good luck.

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General Club Questions

1) Where is the club first aid equipment kept? *
2) Who is RESPONSIBLE for all train activities on Public Running days? *
3) Who is RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that the club policy regarding footwear is observed? *
4) Who is RESPONSIBLE to see that Passengers are boarded and seated safely? *

Guard Questions

When does a train require a Guard? *
What is the primary responsibility of the train Guard? *
If a derailment occurs what actions should the Guard take? *
Who is responsible to see that speed restrictions are observed at all times? *
What first action does the Guard take if a Passenger becomes irrational or acts unsafe? *
What should the Guard do at all times when the train is running? *
When a hat is lost or blown off what does the Guard do? *

Signals - Whistles and Flags

What signal does the Guard give to the Operator this it is safe to proceed? *
When does the Guard signal the Operator to proceed from the station? *
How does the Guard signal the Operator? *
In an emergency what signal does the Guard give the Operator? *
Which whistle and signal code is incorrect? *

Thank You

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