Application Closed
The application for YPLA faculty is currently closed. To be alerted when the application opens, please email

For further information about this opportunity, please refer to the details below.

The Section on Early Career Physicians (SOECP) presents the Young Physicians Leadership Alliance (YPLA), a 3-year training program designed to develop leaders and build a leadership community amongst early career physicians. The YPLA is an experiential learning program for emerging early career physicians in leadership positions and those who have demonstrated leadership potential through their involvement in the AAP. The program includes annual, interactive sessions at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition, intersession webinars, conference calls, and an individual leadership project with guidance from experienced faculty leaders. Throughout the program, participants are expected to complete readings and assignments prior to learning sessions and remain actively engaged in all virtual and in-person activities. The leadership curriculum will be completed over the 3-year cycle, and graduates of the program will have the opportunity to participate in future YPLA programming.

In this role, each senior physician faculty member will partner with an early career physician faculty member to develop specific sessions that will be presented at the AAP National Conference and/or during an intersession webinar. Examples of topics presented at sessions include: graceful self-promotion, building and leading effective teams, negotiating essentials, change management, and giving/receiving effective feedback.

Beyond the faculty role, these individuals will also serve as a mentor for a specific group of program participants. Senior faculty will again partner with an early career physician faculty member to serve as a faculty team supporting the individualized leadership development of a group of six (6) participants. Together, they will use mentorship and coaching skills to engage with your assigned participants during a session at the National Conference and on quarterly conference calls to advance the participants' work on an individual leadership challenge/project. Faculty training on coaching skills will be provided to support each faculty member's own development and further ensure the success of the program.

The next session of this three-year commitment will take place in conjunction with the AAP National Conference in Philadelphia, on Friday, October 8, 2021. For information on future conference dates, refer to the SOECP and AAP National Conference websites. The AAP will provide travel support for expenses for attending this meeting, as well as the meetings in 2022 and 2023. Further details will be provided upon selection.

Applicants must be an active member of the AAP for the full duration of the program.

Please note: The YPLA curriculum is designed to optimize participants’ education in leadership development over the three-year period. In order to provide the best experience for our participants, active engagement is expected of faculty. Therefore, faculty attendance is required at all YPLA National Conference sessions and on every webinar/conference call for your assigned group for the duration of the appointment.

The YPLA is funded through the generosity of the AAP Insurance Program and Kabrita USA.