Dillon's Small Batch Distillers Sanitizer Program

It is understood that by completing this form, it does not guarantee that we have been able to allocate sanitizer for you. We are helping as many as we can based on need and what we are able to produce. Due to the volume of requests, it may be at least 48 hours before you hear back from us. *
*Please be advised that priority for free sanitizer is given to first responders. Please indicate if you are one of the following. *
How would you prefer to receive the sanitizer? *
Is this a home or business address? *

Purchase Option

Based on your organization and request, we may not be able to provide sanitizer free of charge. If you are a fee-for-service individual/organization/company, we may provide you with a promo code to purchase sanitizer (at cost) through our online shop for pick-up or delivery. If that is the case, do you wish to be emailed a unique promo code to use at store.dillons.ca? *