TxOHC Partnership Application
Partners: Nonprofits and organizations partnering with TxOHC on programs, projects, activities or initiatives.

Statement of Principles: (Requires Signature Below)

The Texas Oral Health Coalition, Inc. (TxOHC) is a statewide nonprofit whose mission is to promote oral health across the lifespan by advocating for optimal oral health for all Texans through statewide partnerships.

TxOHC is the primary organization in Texas that provides a nonpartisan forum which allows a diverse network of stakeholders to collaborate and create innovative and viable solutions to improve oral health for all Texans. If you envision Texas as a state where every person is known to enjoy optimal oral health as part of his/her total well-being through individual and shared community responsibility where:

  • Education and prevention are priorities;
  • Education, prevention and treatment are available, accessible, affordable, timely, and culturally appropriate;
  • Community solutions are shared among patients, parents, providers, employers, insurers, and government; and
  • Collaboration with government, higher education, public and private sector ensures resources, supportive public policy, quality care, advocacy, and patient education

then we would like to invite you to apply for membership and partner with our Coalition.

I, the authorized representative for the above named organization, support in principle the Texas statewide Oral Health Coalition and choose to be part of the Coalition for the betterment of all Texans.

The parties agree that this agreement may be electronically signed. *
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