2019 Texas Oral Health Conference
Sponsorship Agreement
Please identify the person who should receive all future instructions and exhibit information:
If known, please list the name and contact information of the person attending the conference:
SPONSORSHIP LEVEL: (Please select one) *
(You may choose from the titled events below to equal the amount of your sponsorship to receive additional advertisement)

THE EVENT(S) I CHOOSE TO SPONSOR ARE (please select all that apply):

Photo/Video Disclaimer:

I acknowledge that photos or videos may be taken during the Texas Oral Health Conference and that any and all such recordings or photographs from this event, including images of me, any data or visual material I may present, and/or statements I may make may be used by the collaborating partners, TxOHC, ROHDEO, ATOHMIT or DSHS OHSP on websites, social media, mass media and printed materials for educational, promotional, and communication purposes.

In order to protect the intellectual property of each presenter, I agree not to take pictures or videos of presentation slides without their consent.

I am aware that presenters are encouraged to share their presentations after the conference on the TOHC website where I can refer.

This consent is given in perpetuity, and does not require prior approval by me.


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