TxOHC Corporate Sponsorship Agreement
I wish to become a Coalition Sponsor at one of the following levels. *

Please enter up to 9 more individuals' names, credentials, position and email address for this group category.

TxOHC also appreciates in-kind donations to help maintain our infrastructure and overhead cost.  The fair market value of the product or service will be used towards the total sponsorship contribution.

We also want to encourage creativity and the development of possible stakeholder initiatives.  Please contact Beth Stewart at b.stewart@txohc.org to discuss creating an initiative, customizing your sponsorship package or any products or services you would like to contribute towards your sponsorship.

Statement of Principles: (Requires Signature Below)

The Texas Oral Health Coalition, Inc. (TxOHC) is a statewide nonprofit leading efforts to achieve optimal oral health across the lifespan.
TxOHC is the primary organization in Texas that provides a nonpartisan forum which allows a diverse network of stakeholders to collaborate and create innovative and viable solutions to improve oral health for all Texans. If you envision optimal health for all Texans then we would like to invite you to apply for membership and partner with our Coalition.

I, the authorized representative for the above named individuals and sponsoring organization, support in principle the Texas statewide Oral Health Coalition and choose to be part of the Coalition for the betterment of all Texans.

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