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St. Vincents Range

McKeever Training Jersey
Youth - €26         Adult - €28
Youth Training Jersey Quantity
Youth Initial Entry Section 
Adult Training Jersey Quantity
Adult Training Jersey Initial Entry
Entrada Jersey
€22 kids      €25 adult 
Youth Entrada Jersey Quantity
Youth Entrada Jersey Initial Entry Section 
Adult Entrada Jersey Quantity
Adult Entrada Jersey Initial Entry
Adidas Polo
Adult - €38
Adult Polo Quantity
Adult Polo Initial Entry
€32 men     €32 women     €30 kids
Youth Gilet Quantity
Youth Gilet Initial Entry Section 
Ladies Gilet Quantity
Adult Ladies Gilet Initial Entry
Men's Gilet Quantity
Adult Men's Gilet Initial Entry
Puffa Jacket
€42 men      €42 women       €30 kids
Youth Puffa Jacket Quantity
Youth Puffa Jacket Initial Entry Section 
Ladies Puffa Jacket Quantity
Adult Ladies Puffa Jacket Initial Entry
Men's Puffa Jacket Quantity
Adult Men's Puffa Jacket Initial Entry
Thermal Contouered Jacket
Adult Contoured Thermal Jacket Quantity
Adult Thermal Jacket Initial Entry
Adidas Hoodie
€45 men     €45 women      €42 kids
Youth Hoodie Quantity
Youth Hoodie Initial Entry Section 
Ladies Hoodie Quantity
Adult Ladies Hoodie Initial Entry
Men's Hoodie Quantity
Adult Men's Hoodie Initial Entry
Adidas Quarter Zip
€45 men     €45 women      €42 kids
Youth 1/4 Zip Quantity
Youth 1/4 Zip Initial Entry Section 
Ladies 1/4 Zip Quantity
Adult Ladies 1/4 Zip Initial Entry
Men's 1/4 Zip Quantity
Adult Men's 1/4 Zip Initial Entry
Adidas Training Pants
€38 men       €38 women         €35 kids
Youth Training Pants Quantity
Youth Training Pants Initial Entry Section 
Ladies Training Pants Quantity
Adult Ladies Training Pants Initial Entry
Men's Training Pants Quantity
Adult Men's Training Pants Initial Entry
Playing Shorts 
€15 per short up to 28"
€16 from 30" upwards
Playing Shorts Quantity
€22 kids    €26 adult
Youth Skort Quantity
Ladies Training Pants Quantity
Adidas Kitbag
Bobble  Hat                                                          
Long Sock Quantity
Mid Sock Quantity
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