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It is the responsibility of the student to submit the Recital Application Form according to the deadlines below ($100 late fee).The program will then be submitted to the Department of Performance Graduate Sub-Committee for approval. It is also the responsibility of the student to book the recital date with the Communications and Production Office(Room C208) before submitting the application.

**Please note that once your application is submitted, an email will be sent to your teacher asking for confirmation of support of your application.

- Please pay careful attention to the formatting details, they will help us produce your program more efficiently
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All M.Mus., D.Mus. and GDP and GDA students (including voice,opera and conducting) must submit program notes for all their recitals/opera roles, including recording and inter-disciplinary project options as relevant to the project. In the case of Vocal Recital Examinations, students are required to submit song texts.

Changes to an approved recital program should be submitted to the Graduate Studies Office at least one month before the recital and the request should come directly from the teacher explaining the reasons for the last minute change and a copy of the new program.

Guidelines for song texts, program notes and the choice of examiners can be found on your individual program page:

*All students must make sure that they are registered for the exam on Minerva.


Graduate Studies Office
The Exam Application Form must be submitted before the deadlines listed below. 

Deadlines for application:

Application Due Date

Recital Period      

October 1

November through January

December 1

February through March

February 15

April through October

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Concert Code (NOT REQUIRED FOR MUPG 606, 607, 608, 609, 610 and 676)

In an effort to simplify and manage communication, we ask that you create a 'concert code'.  You will be able to use this code in the subject line of all email correspondance with our offices (Communcations and Production), which will allow us to track changes and requests as well as search by date or last name.
The concert code must indicate the date, time, hall and your last name.

Example: 1.sept.17h.PH.Schulich
Clara Lichtenstein - CLH, Pollack Hall - PH, Tanna Hall - TSH, Redpath Hall - RH, Other - OH

Contact Information

Concert Information

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Concert Hall *
Room for evaluation rehearsal *

Please note:
- Please fill out the section below if you would like ALL additional performers in your recital to be listed one time in a roster format at the beginning of the program.
- If you prefer to recognize additional performers after each piece on your program, there are spaces provided on the following page(s) detailing your Program Information. 
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