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Mastering Employee Pay
Learn how to get the right balance of risk and reward between owners, management and employees with Prosperio Group’s Broker Compensation Survey.

Our team of compensation experts is conducting a special survey of compensation pay levels and practices for the most common roles found in freight brokerages.  Because all of our surveys follow strict DOJ rules, none of the detailed information provided will be reported to or directly shared with any participant. And, we will only report aggregated statistics where we have at least 5 different company responses.

Complimentary Results Report
Participating companies will receive access to a PDF copy of a summary report that will be downloadable from MeasureUp ( with a free user account. Additional cuts and views will be available through a paid subscription to MeasureUp, Prosperio Group’s on-line, on-demand fully searchable compensation database.

About Prosperio Group
Prosperio Group helps companies align compensation with company goals by identifying the behaviors that encourage employees to engage and achieve. By creating profit for their people, these organizations profit from their people. And that's how everybody wins. It’s how skillful compensation planning and design help companies align for action and realize results. We’re proud members of the TIA AND TCA and adhere to all ethical policies required by these organizations. Visit us at

How to Get Help
If you have questions or need assistance, please contact or Beth Carroll at - 815-302-1030

This survey should take about 30 minutes for you to complete.  You can save and return as many times as you need to.

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