Enzyme 101 Session 3 Quiz

1. At what stage of gestation does a fetus begin to make brush borer enzymes?
2. When does a child’s digestive system begin to make sufficient levels of amylase?
3. The most influential non-genetic factor in fetal development is:
4. If a pregnant women is not digesting protein properly, it can impact the amount of pancreatic cells in her unborn child.
5. Babies have limited digestive enzymes from birth until they are what age?
6. Supplemental enzymes should be used if a baby is unable to have mother’s milk, or is having foods introduced before they are intestinally ready to prevent damage to intestinal villi.
7. Which of the following effects natural digestive enzyme production?
8. Animal enzymes are a good choice for digestion because they require no enteric coating and can survive the harsh and acidic pH of the stomach.
9. The following enzyme would be good for someone suffering from SIBO, due to their ability to breakdown carbohydrates.
10. For someone with celiac disease, it is beneficial to look for a digestive enzyme that contains which protease?
11. Lipases are for hydrolysis of triglycerides to mono and di glycerides and only work when bile is present.
12. The human cell requires 13 vitamins and 19 minerals to survive. Which of the following is not required.
13. Certain strains of probiotics help the body secrete enzymes and metabolize food and can be used in place of a digestive enzyme.
14. Which of the following is NOT a therapeutic benefit of probiotics?
15. For someone needing liver support, which probiotic strain would be most beneficial?
16. Key features of this type of probiotic are their ability to withstand harsh temperatures, gastric barriers, antibiotics, and UV radiation.
17. This type of prebiotic causes viruses to infect and replicate within bacteria.
18. Probiotics are proteins that catalyze the breakdown of food into nutrients for absorption into the bloodstream.
19. For inflammation, which enzyme would be most beneficial?
20. Enzymes are safe during pregnancy and lactation.
21. When we are born, our bodies are not done. The digestive system is not fully developed until a child is:
22. If a mother is not digesting her food appropriately, it can impact the size of the fetus’s organs.
23. Breast milk is unique from formula because it contains:
24. This enzyme can come from animal or mycelial source and supports the breakdown of starch.
25. Which lipase will work in the absence of bile?
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