Enzyme 101 Session 1 Quiz

1. Enzymes control all metabolic processes and biochemical reactions in the body, from simple digestion to highly complex immune system response.
2. Enzymes are the driving force behind all the processes of life from animals to plants and is what keeps food alive.
3. Enzymes are energy rich proteins that occur naturally in all living things but are not critical for life.
4. All life processes consist of complex chemical reactions which would not be possible without enzymes as they are the catalyst of such reactions.
5. What are the main sources of enzymes?
6. Metabolic enzymes are synthesized by our cells.
7. Metabolic enzymes do not depend on our digestive system to give our cells the proper building blocks of amino acids and cofactors in order to make them.
8. Without enzymes, reactions take place at a rate far too...
9. Enzymes catalyze the hundreds of stepwise reactions of metabolism in which pathways?
10. Many drugs act via binding to enzymes in order to inhibit their activity.
11. Enzymes are proteins that have a primary structure composed of which?
12. Enzymes
13. The molecule that is acted upon by the enzyme is called what?
14. The molecule that result from the reaction is called what?
15. The substrate binds in a specific region of the enzyme. What is that region called?
16. Enzymes are catalysts and increase the speed of a chemical reaction without themselves undergoing any permanent chemical change.
17. What stimulates the activation of hydrolytic enzymes?
18. Enzyme can be denatured or changed in shape and precipitated with which?
19. Which of these factors do not affect enzyme activity?
20. Every enzyme is made to work in a specific pH range.
21. Which of the following is not a type of enzyme inhibition?
22. Which of the following statements is false?
23. Which is the primary enzyme in saliva which breaks down carbohydrates into smaller molecules, like sugars?
24. Lysozymes are enzymes that help to kill what?
25. About 90% of the pancreas is dedicated to making digestive enzymes.
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