8x10 TheatreFest, 2019 Play Submission


1. Each play must include the 2019 prop, a standard LP vinyl black record album.

2. Maximum running time is 10 minutes.

3. Cast maximum is 3. Any combo, gender-wise. No characters under the age of 16.

4. Technical requirements must be minimal. Plays produced are performed on a bare stage utilizing wooden blocks and simple furniture to signify a variety of things. Costume, sound and lighting requirements must also be simple.

5. No one-person plays, no musicals, or no children’s plays.

6. Playwrights must be at least 18 years old.

7. Submitted plays must be un-produced previously and un-performed outside of staged readings and workshops. Submitted plays may have been entered in other contests.

8. You must be the sole creator(s) of the play and entitled to confer performance rights.

9. If chosen as a Finalist, you grant performance rights, royalty-free, to Weathervane Playhouse for five performances during the 2019 8x10 TheatreFest.

10. The play remains the sole property of the playwright.


Play Information

The first page of your play document must be a title page which should include:

1. Contact info: name, mailing address, phones, and e-mail
2. Title of play
3. A short summary of the play
4. Brief descriptions of the characters in the play
5. Page numbers

Submission Fee, $10


We are aware of the policies of the Dramatists Guild as outlined in their Statement on Submission Fees, i.e., any request for submission fees should be accompanied by complete explanation of how those fees are to be spent. Please consider this our explanation – which has secured our inclusion in the Dramatists Guild’s Resource Directory since 2010. Per their instructions, this explanation is posted here.
Weathervane’s fee covers administrative costs for the 2019 TheatreFest.  Among these are registration software, promotional costs to acquire submissions, solicit, select and support script readers and judges for submissions, directors, performers, designers, advertising for audiences and the cost of producing the festival.
The 8x10 TheatreFest will include five performances of each of the eight finalist plays. These are full productions. Included in TheatreFest promotion and program will be information about the finalist playwrights and their respective work. 
Cash prizes will be given, as follows:
  First Place: $350
  Second Place: $250
  Third Place: $150
  Runners Up: $50/each 

Should a finalist choose to attend TheatreFest, we will provide two complimentary tickets to TheatreFest and include their presence in promotional materials and press contacts.  Press releases will be written and sent to all journalistic and online sources supplied by finalist playwrights.

At all times, in both the contest and TheatreFest, we strive to serve the plays and acknowledge, encourage, and promote the artists who create them.  This is emphasized within our Vision Statement.

The Mission of Weathervane’s 10 Minute Play Competition and TheatreFest is to promote the art of playwriting, present new works, and introduce area audiences to the short play form.  The competition will provide Weathervane with recognition and expand its reputation for quality and innovative theatre.
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