2023 Philanthropy Night Gala
"Celebrating People and Philanthropy in Our Community"
Friday November 10, 2023
Outstanding Philanthropist / Volunteer
About Philanthropy Night:
Local nonprofits are invited to honor an outstanding philanthropist or volunteer who has helped elevate their organization's mission. Honorees will be featured at this year’s event where both the non-profit organization and their honoree will be recognized.
Our evening gala will be conducted at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center, and will include an appetizer and drink reception followed by a seated dinner with live presentation.
Fill out the form below and submit your organization's honoree. That honoree will receive one complimentary ticket to the event. MHCF will coordinate with the non-profit and honoree to put together a short 90 second video highlighting the non-profit's mission and how thier honoree has helped them along the way. The video will be shown during the virtual program.
Non-Profit and Honoree Requirements:
* Local 501(c)3 or public organization providing philanthropic services in the Morgan Hill community
* Non-profits may be located outside of Morgan Hill, so long as they provide direct services within Morgan Hill
* Honoree has contributed to or supported the non-profits' efforts directly within the Morgan Hill area
* The honoree can be a person, group, or organization. honored. If a group of people will be honored, we request that they be honored within the same effort/category of contribution. Only one complimentary ticket is provided when a group or multiple people are honored.
Honorees will receive one complimentary ticket to the in-person gala. Tickets will go on sale in early October. More information will follow in late September for putting together the videos, ticket purchases, and any event updates.
Deadline for nominations is Saturday October 7, 2023

Nominating Organization Information

Note: we will use the information provided to post about your organization and your honoree to our social media account and local media leading up to the event.
Choose  someone from your organization to be the contact person and liason between MHCF and your honoree. This person will be contacted to coordinate the video submission and to communicate with their honoree about event details.

Honoree Information

Please Note: Honoree MUST accept the recognition and
agree to appear in a short video.
Two honorees, or co-honorees, are allowed under the conditions that they are being nominated for a cooperative effort in support of your organization. Only a single complimentary ticket is provided per nonprofit organization.
Philanthropy Night honorees can be a person, company, or other nonprofit group that has made a significant contribution to the participating nonprofit in the current calendar year. Preparations will
also include a short pre-recorded video with the nonprofit representative and honoree to highlight
the honoree’s contribution to the non-profit’s purpose.
The honoree does not need to be local to Morgan Hill, however their efforts should have had a direct contribution to our local community.
I would like to honor and recognize an: *
If nominating a group or organization, please choose an individual to accept on their behalf.
If you will honor more than one individual or have multiple representatives of an organization, please submit a nomination form for each individual. Note: only one complimentary ticket is provided per nominating organization.
Have you confirmed with your honoree that they can attend the event? *
For questions or more information contact:
Steve Cox   |   steve.cox@morganhillcf.org