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Welcome to The King's Roost Wholesale-to-the-Public Order Form for getting the highest quality flours around, AND organic/regeneratively farmed whole grains sourced straight from local California farmers. 
If you're new to the shop, we provide the highest quality, organic flour and grains in 5 and 50lb bags at a price point that is LOWER than having it shipped directly from the mill. Seriously - where else can you shop in person that's cheaper than online? Our flours and many of the grains come from Central Milling which is in Petaluma, California.
How can we beat their prices? Simple: thanks you to we can buy tons at a time to save on shipping. If you're buying multiple bags from the mill directly, that extra $40 or so per 50lb bag can really add up.

A note on our price increase. During the pandemic, our suppliers passed through a price increase which we absorbed. However, with everything going on the world, it is not surprising that we are getting a second, unscheduled cost increase this year. In addition, you may have even noticed on the Central Milling online store, the cost of shipping a 50lb bag via Fedex Ground has skyrocketed to around $40 per bag. I’ve never seen it that high.

The good news is, I’m not changing the prices on 5lb bags for now, and I’m not passing along the full shipping cost increase.

Do I need to pre-order and pay in advance?  It's up to you, however items marked with an asterisk do need to be pre-paid so that we can order them for you.  
A FRIENDLY REMINDER: WE DO NOT SHIP TO INDIVIDUAL HOMES. If you need flour sent to your house, go to they have a great shopping website, it takes about a week and is quite expensive to ship flour even using ground shipping.
If you don't want to pre-order, you can browse this form to get an idea of what I carry in the shop (we have more baking supplies, mills, soaps and candles in the shop that are not on this form). You are more than welcome to come and browse and ask questions. Weekdays are less busy, just saying.
Please note our short and strange store hours: (Limited hours are a big part of keeping our prices low).
Sunday 10am - 2pm (hint - it's slower from 10-12)
Monday 10am - noon
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - CLOSED
Thursday 10 - noon
Friday - CLOSED
Saturday - CLOSED
If you can't make these times, or if you are having a serious baking emergency do not hang up and call 911, email me at to set up an appointment, or call the shop number. I live nearby, so if I'm available, I will try to come down and open the shop for you. Of course the more notice you can give me the better!
Thanks and Happy Baking!
P.S. We also carry the Mockmill line of home grain mills both in the shop and online.  I strongly encourage you to consider getting a mill. When you see how cheap 50lb bags of grains are, you'll realize milling your own flour pays for itself in the long run. 


I have listed items that we order the most from Central Milling.
If you want a Central Milling product that is not on this list, email me at and I will get you a quote and order it for you.  The range of CM products is enormous so I can't stock all of it in my little shop.
Link to CM product list:
Items marked with an asterisk are special order and will take at least one week to arrive.   If you don't live nearby, please call or email to confirm it's in the shop before driving over. 
The Form has grown quite large over the years, especially during the pandemic, so I have reorganized the list in the following category order as you scroll down:
 - Flour in 5lb bags
 - Flour in 50lb bags
 - Whole Grains in 5lb bags
 - Whole Grains in 50lb bags and 25lb bags
 - LOCAL FARM products, both whole grains and flour 
 - Seeds, Salts, Baking Powder, Malt & Yeasts
 - Bannetons, Bulk Sugar, Rolled Oats, Vital Wheat Gluten
 - Seeds/supplies used in gourmet mushroom cultivation
 - Conventional Red Rose Brand flour in 50lb bags
Organic Flour in 5lb Bags

Bulk Organic Flour in 50lb & 25lb Bags

Grains and Flours that I source DIRECTLY from local California farmers! Regeneratively farmed and/or residue free.
Seeds, Salts, Baking Powder, Malt & Yeast
Bannetons, Sugar, Oats, Gluten and Gluten-Free
Mushroom Cultivation.  
Note: So-Cal delivery available for whole pallets (2,500lbs) orders. Call/text 323-426-9769 to arrange.
Red Rose Conventional Flours in Bulk. ALL Red Rose is special order, please check before picking up.

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The King's Roost
3732 Sunset Blvd
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FIRST TIME VISITORS PLEASE READ THIS: Google maps will take you to the corner of Lucile and Sunset, and then totally leave you hanging. Look for the pinkish/tan building on the southeast corner (there's a pharmacy on the corner). The King's Roost is actually next door to the pharmacy, but our door fronts the parking lot behind the building. So circle around clockwise until you find the driveway on Sunset. There is no entry on the Lucille side. 

REMINDER: Items marked with an asterisk are special order and will take at least one week to arrive.   If you don't live nearby, please call or email to confirm it's in the shop before driving over.

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIFT CERTIFICATE HOLDERS:  Click on the paypal button below (but DON'T actually pay) to create a pending order in my system.  Then email me to let me know you will bring a gift cert and I will note it.

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