SECOND Saturdays; *April 8th, *May 13th, *June 10th, *July 8th, *Aug 12th, and *Sept 9th, 2023 *12Pm- 4PM

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Colfax Art Jams take place on the Second Saturday of the month, in the Aurora Cultural Arts District 9800 E Colfax Ave.  From April- Sept. 12 pm- 4 pm. RAIN, WIND, SNOW, & SHINE!
Please indicated what dates you would like booth space.
Select ALL dates you are committing to. Single Days are $40.00; All Six days are $180 *
What size of booth do you need? Please note we do not provide Tents, tables or chairs. *
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  1. Setup/ Break Down: Exhibitor/vendor (Vendor) must be set up and ready to sell by 12:00 p.m. on the agreed 1st Saturday. Vendors may begin setting up as early as 12:00 PM the day of the Fair. Breakdown can start no sooner than 4:00 p.m. and must be completed by 5:00 p.m. Vendor must keep its booths open until 4:00 p.m. and cannot close prior to that time Vendors are solely responsible for their booth rental spaces and shall comply with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations, and. Before Vendor leaves the Colfax Art Jams, Vendor shall ensure its booth rental space is clean and trash-free (leave no trace).

    2. Staffing: Vendor tables/ booths must be manned by Vendor personnel at all times and remain open for business until the craft fair closes at 4:00 p.m. and no later than 5:00 p.m. Vendor retains sole liability for any merchandise or display materials; The Aurora Cultural Arts District are not liable for ANY merchandise or display materials. Display materials must be secure; signs and displays cannot stand freely over 6 feet tall, nor can displays taller than 6 feet be placed insecurely on tables. No tent stakes are permitted all tents must use sand bags.

    3. Vendor Items: Each Vendor must submit a few photographs of its crafts or intended merchandise offered for sale. The Aurora Cultural Arts District reserve the right to have items removed that are considered not appropriate. Vendor’s booth shall not include or involve open flames, selling of prohibited food, tobacco, marijuana, or fire arms. Vendor shall comply with any direction by The Aurora Cultural Arts District personnel to remove items or cease inappropriate behavior considered by such personnel to be inappropriate.

    4. Vendor Responsibility: Vendor will be fully responsible for any loss or damage to its property by theft, fire, or casualty. The Aurora Cultural Arts District expressly disclaims any responsibility for ANY and ALL vendor property. Vendor shall be responsible for any damage it may cause to the facilities as a result of or in connection with its participation in the Colfax Arts Jams. Vendor is responsible for the conduct of its employees and/or representatives. Vendor’s activities shall not detract from the image or welfare of the Colfax Art Jams Event/s.

    5. Exhibitor Spaces: Vendor spaces will be assigned. Placement, flow, and competition will be taken into consideration to provide the best experience for fair attendees. All vendor booths will be spaced 6' from other vendors. Vendors are expected to be aware of CDPHE county guidelines and restrictions for operating during COVID. All vendors serving food we ask to wear masks and keep hand sanitizer on hand for patrons. As well as up keep proper booth space sanitization. If Vendor has special space needs, please include its request with its application and we will make every effort to accommodate the needs. Spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Vendor must ensure that none of its display equipment, materials, or merchandise extends beyond its designated booth rental, including any rails, stands, or additional equipment.

    6. Direct Sales: Only one vendor from each category, type, or genre of goods or merchandise will be allowed at the Colfax Art Jams event/s. For example, only one “essential oil” company will be permitted, even if a second company submits an application to sell a different brand of “essential oils.” Spaces are reserved on a first-come, first served basis.

    7. Acceptance: The Aurora Cultural Arts District reserves the right to decline any application for space if it deems such action to be in the best interest of the Colfax Art Jams Event/s.

    8. Payment: The full payment is a non-refundable; 10x10 spaces are $40.00 per vendor, vendors who sign up for all seven dates pay $199.99 to The Aurora Cultural Arts District. We will notify vendors of approval when selected. Applications are processed on a first -come first serve-basis. We will send a payment form. Vendors signing up for more than one non consecutive date will need payments to be remitted to ACAD no later than 30 days prior to the next Colfax art Jams start date, spaces are limited and only paid vendors are guaranteed their spaces.   

    9. Electricity: Electricity will not be available as this takes place outdoors

    10. Music: Music will be provided throughout the space. Vendor shall not play music.

    11. Tables & Chairs: Vendor must furnish its booth space with its own tables or stands.

    12. Cancellation of space: ALL booth fees are non refundable for any reason, including inclement weather, accident, health, personal circumstances, or any other condition that results in the exhibitor or vendor’s inability to receive the full benefits of participating in the Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event The Aurora Cultural Arts District is not liable to the exhibitor weather, personal circumstances, or any other conditions prevent the Exhibitor from receiving the benefit of participating in the Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event as an exhibitor or vendor. The Aurora Cultural Arts District reserve the right to cancel the Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event due to Acts of God, weather, or other unforeseen events that will jeopardize the health and safety of the public. If the Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event is cancelled, Vendor fees and/or incurred fees by the vendor will not be refunded. The Aurora Cultural Arts District not obligated to reschedule for a later date.

    13. Indemnification: By signing this document vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Aurora Cultural Arts District from and against any loss, expense, claims, damages, causes of action, injuries, suits or damages, suits to person or property, including attorney fees, arising out of or related to Vendor’s participation in the 2021 Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event.

    14. Liability Insurance: Vendor shall carry a general public liability insurance policy with a limit of $1,000,000 for bodily injury and death per occurrence and $1,000,000 for property damage. Vendors, for itself, its heirs, successors, and assigns, hereby releases/waives any and all claims, damages and losses against The Aurora Cultural Arts District arising from or relating to the acts or omissions, whether intentional or negligent, of The Aurora Cultural Arts District, third parties to this agreement, or an act of God. All Vendors acknowledge by signing this document that they hold Proof of Liability Insurance and list ‘The Aurora Cultural Arts District” as an additionally insured.

    15. Retail Business Sales Tax & Licensing: The Aurora Cultural Arts District is not responsible for Vendor business or sales tax licensing. Vendor must be in compliance with City of Aurora and State of Colorado business and tax registration laws. If Vendor does not currently hold a City of Aurora sales tax ID, it may acquire a temporary retail/business/sales tax license through the City of Aurora. MLM’s (multi-level marketing) although pay tax for items must still have a valid sale tax license to operate at this event. The Aurora Cultural Arts District is not responsible for Vendor’s compliance with any relevant city or state business or sales tax requirements applicable to vendor. Vendor is solely responsible to collect and submit all applicable taxes to the relevant taxing authorities and maintain records of such. All vendors are subject to audits by the City of Aurora.

    16. Cottage Foods: Cottage food sales are permitted so long as Vendor is in full compliance with Tri-County rules and regulations as they pertain to Colorado Cottage Foods Act C.R.S. 25-4-1614 (2016). Vendor shall submit proof to The Aurora Cultural Arts District to establish compliance with all required criteria for all Cottage food vendors. Any application submitted for cottage foods without proof of proper food safety training and photos showing labeling will not be considered. All cottage food vendors must keep food safety training completion certificate on site at all times.

    17. Food Trucks and Food Vendors; All food trucks and vendors will need to be signed off by Tri-County and must be in good standing and in compliance with all Tri-County licensing. By completing the Aurora Cultural Arts District Colfax Art Jams 1st Saturday event application, Vendor certifies that it has read all the Terms and Conditions, and will adhere to all requirements herein.
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