Holiday Art Affair 

The Aurora Cultural Arts District invites artists of all skill levels and mediums to participate in our "Holiday Art Affair" exhibition and art fundraiser. This exhibition aims to offer the community an opportunity to acquire locally crafted artwork as unique and meaningful gifts for the holiday season. By showcasing the talent within our district, we hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts and support the creative endeavors of our local artists. This is a 50/50 commission split, an end-of-year fundraiser so all artwork must be priced under $1000.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Open to artists of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.
  • Accepting works of art 24x36 inches or smaller.
  • All themes and mediums are welcome.

Submission Deadline: October 31st, 12:00 p.m. (Midday)

Exhibition Details:

  • Three Artist Meet and Greets:

    • November 10th
    • November 24th
    • December 8th
  • Exhibition Closing Date:

    • December 31st

How to Submit:

  1. upload minimum of three images of your artwork along with the following information:

    • Artist Name
    • Title of Artwork(s)
    • Medium(s)
    • Dimensions
    • Pricing 
  2. Include a brief artist bio (150 words max) and a short statement about each submitted piece (100 words max).

Notification of Acceptance: Selected artists will be notified by November 5th.- We do not send rejection letters all applications remain on file. 

Artwork Drop-off: Accepted artists must deliver their artwork to [Location] by November 8th.

Sales and Fundraising: All artwork will be available for purchase, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting the Aurora Cultural Arts District.

Important Notes:

  • Artwork must be ready to hang or display (framed and wired). All works must be gallery-ready and able to hang on the STAS gallery hanging system. 
  • Artists are responsible for the delivery and pickup of their artwork.
  • The Aurora Cultural Arts District reserves the right to photograph and promote exhibited works.

We encourage a diverse range of artistic expressions to make "Artful Holidays" a rich and varied exhibition. Here are the types of artwork we are particularly interested in:

  1. Paintings and Drawings: Both traditional and contemporary paintings and drawings are welcome. This includes oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pastel, and pencil works.

  2. Photography: Captivating photographs that capture the essence of the holiday season, local landscapes, or unique perspectives.

  3. Printmaking: Fine art prints created through various techniques such as etching, linocut, woodcut, or silk screen.

  4. Sculpture and 3D Art: Intriguing sculptures and three-dimensional artworks that add depth and texture to the exhibition.

  5. Mixed Media: Artworks that combine various materials, techniques, and mediums to create unique and innovative pieces.

  6. Textile Arts: Handcrafted textiles, fiber art, and fabric-based creations that evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

We look forward to celebrating the holiday season with your creative contributions!

For inquiries, please contact Visit our websites; and for more information about the Aurora Cultural Arts District.

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0/1000 characters

Please upload at least five but no more than ten original artworks. Make sure each file name has the artwork title, size, and price. ** Applications not formatted correctly will not be accepted. Please don't include artwork that's not available for sale. Make sure all work is ready to hang.

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