USAID Africa Trade and Investment Partnerships Opportunity: 

USAID Buyer-Supplier Trade Deals APS Addendum

Issuance date: October 21, 2022

Closing date for submission of concept papers: May 31, 2023 5.00PM EDT

Overview of ATI:  

USAID established the Africa Trade and Investment (ATI) Program to mobilize enterprise-driven solutions that increase trade and investment and contribute to job creation in Africa.  The USAID Africa Bureau (AFR) and Prosper Africa Secretariat are currently inviting concepts from US facing African stakeholders engaged in Agriculture and Textile sectors to trigger significant demand-driven exports (intra- Africa and to the U.S).   

Overarching Priorities for the Buyer-Supplier Activity:

  • Increase trade in agriculture and textile sectors resulting in significant growth in exports, sales, and employment within Africa and the U.S.
  • Increase value-addition and processing in Africa triggering significant demand-driven exports.
  • Create and expand markets and jobs, particularly for youth and women.
  • Develop and cultivate skills that support productivity and enhance export competitiveness.

Illustrative Interventions for the Activity under ATI:

  • Develop new high-potential agriculture and textile export products and services from Africa (intra-Africa and to the U.S.), focusing on processed and specialty products vs. raw commodities
  • Substantially scale agricultural or textile exports to the U.S., increasing the value-addition on the African continent
  • Develop or expand buyer-led export development models as strategic trade promotion activities
    • Substantial increases in value-addition on the African continent (move to processed and specialty products vs raw agricultural commodities and textile products.
    • Accelerating U.S. investments into their African supply chains (moving U.S. buyers from spot buyers to strategic partners in the sectors of interest).
    • Expanding the geographic sourcing footprints of U.S. firms within Africa.
    • Develop or expand new trade models such as import/export aggregators that can source buyers’ orders, consolidate exporters' products and service the buyers' requirements while building the capacity of exporters.
    • Buyer-led exporter development models are also highly encouraged as strategic trade facilitation activities.
  • Facilitate buyer-seller linkages that lead to concreate trade deals and support export firms to close deals.

Eligible Applicants:

Trade promotion service providers, buyers, import agents, export agents, export firms, wholesalers and retailers, trade platforms, ecommerce firms, business service organizations, industry/sector organizations, trade or other private sector associations legally registered to operate in Sub-Saharan Africa and the U.S. or any other geographies as long as they close intra-Africa and Africa to U.S. trade deals.

Eligible Activities:

Eligible activities include novel ideas and innovative business models in agricultural and textile trade activities, supply chain management, business services, and other support services, defined above that lead to the closure of export deals within 12 months.  Proposed activities must include an African or U.S. buyer partner and demonstrate an increase of trade intra-Africa or Africa to the U.S. from at least one Sub-Saharan Africa country. Multi-country concepts are also encouraged. Given the continental nature of this work, bigger trade deals will be preferable.

Current Funding:  

It is anticipated awards under this facility will be in the form of sub-grants and range from $100,000 to $300,000. The base value set aside for these awards is $3,000,000 but it may be complemented by Mission or other USAID funding. This ceiling figure will be updated via amendment when/if new funding is added to ATI.

Information on Applying:  CLOSED ON MAY 31ST 2023


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