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Contractor Box Set Up and Submittal Guidelines

Project Information

This project has: * 🛈

Exemption from the Building Permit requirement only applies to fire protection system installations, modifications, or device replacements when no construction requiring a building permit is happening in conjunction with the fire protection system work.

The reason for not having a Building Permit must be clearly stated in the Scope of Work Letter submitted with the plans.

Note: All Access Control System plans are required to have an associated Building Permit.
If there is not an active Building Permit related to an Access Control System installation or modification, one must be issued by the Commercial Building Review division of the Development Services Department before the system plans can be submitted to AFD for review. Please call 311 to reach the Development Services Department for more information on obtaining a Building Permit.
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Building Information

Building Permit Numbers * 🛈
Enter all active Building Permit numbers applicable to the system installation/modification.
IMPORTANT: All Building Permits (BPs)referenced on this system plan submittal must be associated with the same Building Plan Review (PR). There should only be one parent PR case number for all of the BP numbers referenced above.
If you are submitting system plans for a project that has active BPs under more than one PR, your plans must be separated and submitted corresponding to the method in which the building construction was reviewed and permitted.

System Information

Is there a standpipe system included in the plans? *
Is any re-programming required? * 🛈
Is this a resubmittal? * 🛈
Are all sheets of plans drawn to 1/8"=1' scale? *
Is this system designed for protection of high piled combustible storage? *
Is this system designed for protection of high piled storage of hazardous materials*
What is the high piled combustible storage area? *