Hydrant Flow Test Request


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Currently, available payment options are:
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  • Austin Build + Connect Account
There is no longer a credit card payment option on this form.
If you do not have an active Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) account and will be paying with credit card or electronic check, please register with Austin Build + Connect before proceeding with this request.
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Requestor Information

Check this box if the project address is in Steiner Ranch or is serviced by WCID #17 Water District.

WCID #17 now requires that hydrant flow tests conducted in their water district be observed by their personnel. This requirement will result in a testing delay in order to coordinate schedules between our office personnel and WCID 17.

Steiner Ranch projects requires a processing period of 5-6 weeks.

Select one of the following options: *

* Hydrant flow test data on file will be sent if there is an existing Hydrant Flow Test Report on file for a test completed within 1 year of the request date and within 3 blocks of the project address.

* A fee of $51 will be assessed for any Hydrant Flow Test Reports on file that are sent. If you are not satisfied with the on file report sent to you, a new Hydrant Flow Test Request form must be submitted if you need a new test performed.

* A fee of $306 will be assessed for each Hydrant Flow Test performed.

* When requesting tests on multiple hydrants in a given area, a request form must be submitted for each set of hydrants to be tested, a set being one residual hydrant and one flow hydrant. You may not submit more than two hydrants (one residual and one flow) per request form.

* A fee of $51 will be assessed if a Hydrant Flow Test Report on file is sent.
* If you are not satisfied with the on file report you receive and need to have a new test performed, you must submit a new Hydrant Flow Test Request form and select "Request NEW hydrant flow test" on the new request form. A fee of $306 will be assessed for the new hydrant flow test.
Select this option ONLY if your re-test request meets all of the following criteria:
  • Reults of the previous hydrant flow test were impacted by variables controlled by Austin Water Utility and do not accurately represent the typical pressures of the tested hydrants.
  • You have received confirmation from an AWU representative that factors contributing to the reduced flow have been addressed by AWU and subsequent tests should produce results that more accurately represent the typical flow.
  • The previous hydrant flow test was performed within 3 months of this request.
  • A re-test has not already been done for this project address since the previous test date.