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If you selected YES to any of the previous questions, do not continue this applicantion and fill out an ACE application instead. The ACE application must be filled out by the main event organizer.

ACE Application: http://www.austintexas.gov/department/special-event-permits

If the tent or membrane structure is erected on a building, balcony, stage, platform or other structure, it will require a building permit unless the height of the platform from which the tent is erected is less than 7 inches. If your tent requires a building permit, please contact Building.Inspections@austintexas.gov and do not submit this application.

User Agreement *

Event Information

Tent Permit deadline is 10 days. A request submitted past the deadline may be reviewed on an expedited after-hour basis if the necessary resources and personnel are available to accomodate the request.
Tent Permit $204
Additional Tent Permits $51
After-Hours Rate $139/hr (2 hour minimum)
***Cancellations must be submitted 7 days prior to the event date for a refund to be considered, cancellation fees may apply***

Event Contact Information

This information provided in this section pertains to the contact accessible during setup of the event, throughout the event, and for other questions regarding detailed event information.  If more than one person should be contacted please add those in the Comments/Additional Information area.

Site Plan Information

Detailed site plans are required for your application submission. While site plans are not required to be professionally drawn, they must be legible, close to scale and provide sufficient detail to paint a picture of what your event will look like. The following is a list of minimum requirements that your site plan should meet:

Property overview:

  • Locations of structures, fire lanes, streets, alleys, and fencing.
  • Fencing must indicate location of exits and gates.
  • Building foot print of all structures, location of building exits, exit pathways and sidewalks must be demonstrated in the site plan.

Provide a key that indicates:

  • The direction of north.
  • All areas used for the event.
  • Any special notes applicable to the event.
  • Street names.

Provide details of the event layout:

  • Size and location of tents
  • Size and location of any other temporary structures
  • Other specific details of the event

** Screen shots of a map with no details provided are not accepted.

Billing Information

A receipt will be emailed after the request is accepted. This may take up to 3 days.

Payment does not guarantee permit approval. Final review will be completed by the event’s assigned inspector after the application is reviewed and the inspection is completed.