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The Legal Packet is a PDF pulled from The Compliance Engine for a specific property. It will detail if the property is current or past due on inspections, as well as if all fire protection systems are compliant or deficient.

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Please provide the IRN # for the deficiency repairs you have already submitted. 
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Notices will only be deferred due to construction. If a request is submitted to stop notices and the premise is not currently under construction, the request will be denied. Notices will be deferred to the approximate time you select below, at which time Renewal Notices will be sent for all fire protection systems.

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Please list additional buildings / suites to remove that share the same address entered above in the "additional notes" section below.

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The Legal Packet will only be emailed to the property representative. It will not be sent to the requesting contracting company. You, the requestor, will receive an email response that the legal packet has been emailed.

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I submitted repairs for this address to TCE, but the customer is still receiving deficiency notices. I would like to request the list of open deficiencies for the following fire protection system(s) that correspond to the above IRN(s):

Fire Protection Systems Present *
Fire Protection System referenced on the notice *
*Please note* Buildings with past due inspections and/or with deficiencies over 30 days old are in violation of the Fire Code. The property manager/owner is subject to citations as long as the deficiencies are not corrected.
If a construction project is occurring in a building with past due inspections or open deficiencies, AFD will not schedule a Fire Final until all updates and corrections have been accepted.
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Please allow 5 business days for the request to be processed.

*This request type typically takes less than 2 business days*

Revised 07/15/2020