HDR Scholarship and Fee Subsidy Application
Higher Degree Research Program (Honours, MPhil, DMin, PhD)
Prior to completing this form, please see the Tuition Fee Scholarships and Subsidies Policy.


Alphacrucis College (AC) regrets to inform commencing students and existing HDR candidates that scholarship funding is currently at capacity and new scholarships will not be offered for 2022. Existing scholarship and fee subsidy arrangements will continue for their approved duration.

This form remains closed to new applications until further notice.


The Graduate Research School

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Scholarship and Fee Subsidy Details
Scholarships and fee subsidies are granted to your enrolment for the duration of an award. This provides certainty around enrolment.
Please specify the remaining number of full-time equivalent (FTE) semesters for the completion of your award. You can check your enrolment in the 'Enrolment' tile of your student portal or, if you are unsure, please contact the Graduate Research School: hdr@ac.edu.au
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